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Houston St Augustine Grass Delivery - Zoysia Grass Houston - Bermuda Grass Houston

Champion Landscape Supplies sells the following types of grasses:

St. Augustine Grass HoustonRaleigh St. Augustine Grass

Raleigh St. Augustine is a vigorous, medium green, medium textured lawn grass. It is known as carpet grass because it feels like carpet under your feet.


Hot Weather Tolerance:  Good

Shade Tolerance:  Good

Wear Resistance:  Fair

Salt Tolerance:  Good

Recovery From Injury:  Fair

Winter Color:  Moderate Dormancy

Mowing Height:  2" Medium 

*One Pallet covers 450 sq ft of area

Bermuda Grass HoustonCommon Bermuda Grass

Texas Native Bermuda (or Common Bermuda) is a medium-textured, warm season perennial species with a creeping growth habit. It spreads by stolons and rhizomes and can grow where you don't want it!

Once Common Bermuda is introduced or mixed into another variety, it is virtually impossible to eliminate. It grows rapidly during late spring, and summer, remains green into late fall and goes dormant after a hard frost.


Hot Weather Tolerance:  Excellent

Shade Tolerance:  Low

Wear Resistance:  Excellent

Salt Tolerance:  Very Good

Recovery From Injury:  Excellent

Winter Color:  Dormant

Mowing Height:  1/2" - 1 1/2" 

*One pallet covers 450 sq ft area


Emerald Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia is a fine leafed, dense growing and dark green turfgrass.

The root system is very drought tolerant as the stolons grow underground, which also makes it more cold tolerant. Once established with a dense turf, it is highly weed tolerant and wear resistant to foot traffic. 


Hot Weather Tolerance: Excellent

Shade Tolerance: Good

Wear Resistance: Excellent

Salt Tolerance: Excellent

Recovery From Injury: Fair

Winter Color: Moderate Dormancy

Mowing Height: 1/2" - 1 1/2"

*One Pallet covers 450 Sq Ft area

To order, please call us at 281-558-9948

We offer fast delivery throughout the Houston area or you can pick up.
If you prefer, we can also install your order - ask for details.

Click here for grass pricing


While you're purchasing Grass……why not reduce your water needs to 50% at the same time?

Regular Price:      $72.00 per gallon (13 lb jug)
Discounted Price: $52.00 per gallon jug (when you purchase one or more pallets of sod)


We GUARANTEE TO REDUCE YOUR WATERING NEEDS BY 50% - Click here to learn more


Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

As the Grass is being watered, the Hydro Sand is absorbing the excess water and holding it in place in the root zone. The Hydro Sand holds enough moisture for over a week of watering the lawn.

Note: New Sod must still be watered for 10 days for 30 minutes to establish a root mass for the pieces of new sod to knit to the ground.

After the ten days, then reducing water on the newly laid sod can start, but not before the root zone has been created.
This Hydro Sand will last up to ten years in the soil profile and your reduced need for water will insure a healthy turf with minimal water needs.

To order, please call us at 281-558-9948

We offer fast delivery throughout the Houston area or you can pick up.
If you prefer, we can also install your order - ask for details.

Click here for grass pricing